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Please read this post for the When We Love Christmas Wish Process

 Hi Friends, thanks for stopping by to check out the available families on the When We Love Christmas Wish 2020 site!  We are excited to be ...

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Extra Needs--$$ donations for one bed ($229) and Gift Cards

 We always end up with some "extra" needs for Christmas Wish!  

Update:  one twin bed is being provided...just need one more!  $229 would definitely make it a gift that continues to give all year long! 

Game Stop Gift Cards ($50)

Ulta Beauty Gift Cards ($25)

Target, Walmart Gift Cards ($25)

Fast Food Restaurant Gift Cards ($15)

These gift cards are used for teenagers whose parents are "shopping" in our Christmas store.  These are families who did not get adopted through our regular Christmas Wish program.  Our store is well stocked with toys for younger kids, but the gift cards are very much appreciated for older kids and teens!


The above link will allow you to donate to When We Love; please just put "Christmas Wish" in the comments!  We will use those dollars to offset the cost of filling our final families!

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Please read this post for the When We Love Christmas Wish Process

 Hi Friends, thanks for stopping by to check out the available families on the When We Love Christmas Wish 2020 site!  We are excited to be able to help families experience the magic of Christmas again this year.

Our process is a little different from other organizations.  First of all, we only accept families who have NEVER received help before.  If you've never been through the process of trying to get help from an agency, you may not know all the deadlines and qualifications.  We try to help those who may not have known they would need help when the other agencies' deadlines were looming.  Our families have typically experienced an unexpected hardship that got them to this place...and we are happy to be able to step in and help!

We adopt out FULL FAMILIES!  We never want a child to think that Santa loves one child more than another, therefore, by adopting out full families, we hope our shoppers will keep gifts equal.  We know it's impossible to be exactly spot on with the same numbers, but we wouldn't want it to look like one child received way more than another.

We also allow our families to ask for NEEDS and WISHES, and we hope our adopters will purchase* both!  When We Love is all about experiencing the magic of Christmas!  While some children may need bedding, towels, school supplies, we are also want them to have something FUN from their list!  We also hope that socks, underwear, pajamas, coats/jackets or whatever other "needs" are listed are purchased.  Years ago I heard a story on the radio that has always stuck with me.  The person on the radio said that often times kids go without underwear or socks because they aren't considered essential...no one can see them, so they don't have to have them.  We all know our clothes and shoes feel better with underwear and socks, so since then I've always tried to include those items whether they were asked for or not.

*Gifts need to be new, unused merchandise!

We ask that our adopters do not put personal notes in gifts to children.  You can put gift receipts and a note for the parents in an envelope.  We really want the children not to know that these gifts came from a charity.  If parents want to spin these as gifts from Santa or Grandma, that's fine! 

After you've selected a family to adopt, email me and I'll take your family off the site and send you all of their needs and wishes plus more information about how to wrap and label gifts.  

If you have any questions regarding When We Love Christmas Wish, please don't hesitate to contact me at Sarah@whenwelove.org  We've been doing this Christmas outreach for many years, and each year turns out better than the last!  Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Christmas Wish 2020...coming soon!

 Please keep checking back!  Christmas Wish 2020 will be coming soon.  We know the need is greater than ever this year, so plenty of families will be available in the coming weeks!  Thank you!